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Brazil: Energy Ministry with Big Plans for Solar

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The focus of the Intersolar South America in Sao Paulo: photovoltaics. Increasing electricity prices in Brazil and net metering options have generated interest among PV manufacturers from all over the world. This only made it even more crucial for the newly founded Brazilian solar thermal industry association Abrasol to fly the flag, since the sector is facing uncertain times because of changing regulations and delayed federal programmes. The opening speech on the Strategic Importance of Solar Thermal in Brazil, the title of the solar heat conference day on 23 August, came from Eduardo Azevedo, the State Secretary of Energy Planning and Development at the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy. The photo shows Abrasol´s President, Amauricio Gomes Lúcio, presenting Azevedo (right) with the Brazilian Atlas of Solar Energy, while session chair Elizabeth Duarte Pereira (left) from the UNA University Centre in Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais lauded the state secretary as an “enthusiastic solar thermal supporter.” (Photo: Intersolar South America / Solar Promotion)


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India: UNDP-GEF Project Paves Way for Commercialising Industrial Process Heat
by by Jaideep Malaviya

The five-year UNDP-GEF project Market Development of Concentrating Solar Thermal Heating (CSH) Technologies for Process Heat Applications aimed at accelerating demand for solar heat systems in industrial, commercial and public facilities by organising stakeholder workshops, strengthening the industrial supply chain and implementing quality assurance measures. spoke with Dr R P Goswami, National Project Coordinator and Director at the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, about CSH market development in India.

ESTIF Rebranding: “We are solar, we are heat, we are Europe”
by by Riccardo Battisti

The European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) has recently changed its name to Solar Heat Europe and developed a new corporate identity. It represents the interests of the solar thermal sector at EU institutions and is home to around 50 European solar thermal manufacturers, national industry associations, research institutes and service providers. spoke with President Robin Welling about the purpose of the rebranding effort.

Austria: How to De-Risk Renewable Investments in Industry
by by Bärbel Epp

Achieving bankability for solar process heat projects requires huge efforts. Suppliers of turnkey systems confirm that key barriers to implementation were a lack of technical expertise in risk assessment at financial institutions and the relatively small investment amounts in individual projects. To rectify this situation, EU project TrustEE is aiming to combine several of industry’s energy efficiency and renewable energy investment projects into one package to be offered to pension funds and assurance companies.

Denmark: Concentrating Solar Collectors for District Heat in Northern Europe
by by Bärbel Epp

Brønderslev, a Danish municipality with a population of 12,500, is setting up a multi-purpose renewable heat plant for their district heating network. So far, local utility Brønderslev Forsyning has been operating seven gas-fired combined heat and power plants and two gas boilers to produce 130 GWh of heat each year. In the future, most of the yearly district heating demand is planned to be met by a new Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) unit which receives its energy from two wood chip boilers with 10 MW each and from a 16.6 MWth parabolic trough collector field with a mirror area of 27,000 m².

IEA SHC: New Task to Promote Solar Water Treatment
by by Bärbel Epp

On September 18th, the Task Definition Meeting for the proposed task Solar Energy in Industrial Water Management will take place in Gleisdorf, Austria. The researchers aim at investigating and improving solar-driven separation and water purification technologies in industrial applications. Interested researchers and industry representatives are invited to attend the one-day workshop in order to discuss crucial aspects and the structure of the global initiative.

IEA SHC Solar Academy Webinar: Solar Energy in Urban Planning

After four years of research on how to incorporate active solar energy systems into cities and sensitive environments, the researchers of IEA SHC Task 51 will now share their knowledge and experiences during a free-of-charge webinar. Four speakers will highlight the current legislative situation for solar energy in several countries and provide a summary of approaches, methods and tools to support solar in urban planning. We invite all stakeholders to join the 1.5-hour webinar scheduled for Wednesday, 13 September 2017, from 10 to 11.30 a.m. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). You can register online