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Germany: BSW Solar Presents Solar Heat Roadmap - Finally

Arab Countries/Germany: Kick-off Meeting for ARSOL Certification Programme

Global Roadmap: IEA Calls on Stakeholders to Realise Vision

Russia: High-quality Fçade Sstems in Siberia

India: SMS Promotion Boosts Helpline Traffic





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Italy: Round-table on Ways Out of Crisis
round table Italy

Dear Reader,

Recently we have noticed a growing number of studies being published one after the other: two roadmaps (EIA and Germany), as well as three market reports on the solar heating and cooling sector (ESTIF, REN and EurObserver) have been published over the last weeks – all painting a similar picture. The publications confirm the current weak demand on the major European solar thermal markets, but predict a large potential for solar heating and cooling technology in the long run. This potential, however, could only be tapped through reliable and long-term framework conditions. The papers' results are not without consequences: in Italy, the associations are having detailed discussions with the ministries about which paths to choose to get out of the current crisis. The German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) is preparing a significant increase in subsidies for industrial applications, which would come into effect on 15th of August (details will follow). And the French Energy Agency ADEME commissioned a study to analyse the competitiveness of solar thermal technology.

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Germany: BSW Solar Presents Solar Heat Roadmap - Finally
by Eva Augsten

With half a year delay, the German solar industry association BSW Solar officially presented its Roadmap for Solar Heat at the Intersolar Europe in June 2012. The roadmap describes scenarios to develop solar thermal in Germany and shows the policies needed to implement them. While the roadmap’s outlook is being criticised for being too optimistic, one of the authors, Matthias Reitzenstein, emphasises that the paper is not meant to be a prediction of what will happen but rather a guide about what needs to be done.

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Arab Countries /Germany: Kick-off Meeting for ARSOL Certification Programme
by Bärbel Epp
Arab certification workshop in Stuttgart

A new strategy to promote solar thermal technology in the Arab region is bearing fruit: hosted by the German Institute for Solar and Heating Technology, SWT, the kick-off meeting of the Solar Water Heaters Certification Programme, ARSOL, took place in the south of Germany at the beginning of June. The initial strategy is to create an ARSOL network based on a certification programme similar to the Solar Keymark in Europe or the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) in the US.

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Global Roadmap: IEA Calls on Stakeholders to Realise Vision
by Bärbel Epp

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Technology Roadmap Solar Heating and Cooling sees a huge untapped potential when it comes to replacing fossil fuels and electricity. The Roadmap targets a 20% share in low-temperature industrial heat (3,200 GWth) and 16% in overall low-temperature heat by 2050 (3,500 GWth). All stakeholders were called on by the IEA to work towards realising this aim. The 44-page study was first presented at the International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry, SHC 2012, in San Francisco, USA, in July 2012.

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Russia: High-Quality Façade Systems in Siberia
by Vladislava Adamenkova
TSEFT Russia Gymnasium 3
2011 was a very successful year for the Russian solar thermal manufacturer CEFT. The company, which is located in the autonomous Siberian Republic of Buryatia, has set up one of its largest installations so far for a local grammar school with 720 students. The solar hot water system cost the republic EUR 122,207. It includes two collector fields: one with 56 m2 integrated into the façade of block 1 and another 168 m2 mounted on the roof of block 4 in four rows. This puts the specific costs of the system at 545 EUR/m2.
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India: SMS Promotion Boosts Helpline Traffic
by Jaideep Malaviya

India has one of the largest mobile phone databases worldwide. This and the high market penetration (84%) prompted the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) to initiate a pilot project for an SMS-based solar thermal awareness campaign. Between January and April 2012, text messages pointing to the toll-free hotline for solar water heaters were sent to half a million prospective buyers of solar hot water systems, such as architects, car owners, doctors and real estate agencies. This campaign has increased helpline traffic significantly from a basic monthly rate of 1,000 to 5,500 calls in March, around 8,000 in April and 11,000 in May.

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Macedonian Government Announces New Solar Thermal Subsidy Scheme
Mexico: Training and On-Site Inspection for Agricultural Solar Systems
SMEThermal 2013 – Innovations in Manufacturing, Product Design and Machinery: Call for Papers
Brazil: Bosch Buys Collector and Tank Manufacturer Heliotek
Czech Republic: Integrated Tank Collector Targets New Market Segments
Market Statistics: Three Studies Analyse Solar Thermal Market Development
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